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Our Mission

Option (Ve) Café offers a delicious & exciting organic, plant-based wholefood experience with takeaway meals & detox packages.

Our freshly made, nurtient dense menus will satisfy your taste buds, help cleanse & nourish your body & bring healing, strong immune systems, greater energy & renewed youthfulness.

Option (Ve), your Option for health

Our menus are gluten free, sugar free & vegan. They are perfect if you have intolerances or wish to manage your weight or type 2 diabetes.

We spread our vegan health message with classes & workshops to support you on your health journey.

The love & attention we pay to our food is also reflected in our desire to protect the planet. We choose top quality, local, organic produce & packaging.

Option (Ve), your Option for a healthy planet

Vegan Café

Fresh organic juices & smoothies

Organic coffee, non-dairy milks

Herbal teas

Meals to go

Superfood lattes with homemade plant milk

pates, dips, savouries, soups, crackers, salads, raw foods

chilled cooked meals to reheat at home

Energy bars, cakes, sweet treats

Sauerkraut, Kombucha,

See our sample menus


vegan menu

Eat in or Take-away

Delivery in Harrogate

Organic Juice Cleanse

Organic Detox & Nourish Menu Plan

fresh, seasonal, local produce on all our menus

For example:

broad bean & mint falafel

orange & pomegranate Salad

thai papaya salad with sweet lime dressing

broccoli & chesnut mushroom lasagne

gambian peanut stew & fragrant quinoa

Opening Hours:

We will be closed for our annual holiday from MONDAY 7th to TUESDAY 15th September.

From WEDNESDAY 16th September:

Wednesday to Saturday 9am-4pm,

Sundays 10am-4pm.

Special Events

We are looking forward to having fun in the evenings and meeting you all when not rushing around!

Our calender will include cookery demonstrations, supper clubs and talks and workshops on health and wellbeing. Maybe you 'd like to be our guest speaker or use the space for your MeetUp Group? Please get in touch if you are interested in Holistic Therapies, Natural Healing, Nutrition, Personal Development., Coaching or NLP.


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